Composite DeltaStud

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Delta Composite Studs were developed for architectural pre-cast; site cast or tilt wall steel framed/concrete interior or exterior structural load bearing or curtain wall composite panels with all the thermal benefits of the Delta product line.( improving R Values by 37%) This light weight concrete cladding panel system will reduce foundations, super structure, cost and installation time by 50%. Composite panels are made from standard components with unlimited design capabilities. Earth Quake, Blast and Hurricane Resistant, self insulating as well as excellent sound absorbing qualities creates a LEED accredited system excellent for renovations as well as new construction and is currently being used extensively by the military on various bases.

Composite DeltaStud Attributes

  • Precision roll formed flanges & the stamped rim of each opening provides greater stiffness, heavier loads and longer spans
  • Open web design provides the rigidity of conventional “C” stud made of thicker gauge steel profiles
  • Stamped openings make it easy to route all services. Open-web design provides built-in paths for installing conduit, plumbing & even small HVAC
  • A higher strength-to-mass ratio than conventional studs & joists delivers proven structural performance and longer unsupported spans to simplify construction
  • Superior fire resistance in UL & ULC fire rating certification tests.
  • Flexibility of sizes & configurations, with weights of 15 – 40% less
  • Custom lengths, knockout alignments, & solid web ends are manufactured to specification and extremely tight tolerances
  • Reduced Sound Transmission and Excellent STC ratings on walls and floors

Composite DeltaStud Product Guide and Load Tables