About Steelform.US


Value Engineered Products and Solutions

Steelform.US is a manufacturing direct distribution Company, with design/build assistance and over 60 years of experience (4-40 floors). We review and offer Value Engineered solutions for commercial, educational, military, low rise, high-rise commercial and multi-unit residential buildings.

Envelope Solutions Currently Offered: Steelform manufactures Patented & Engineered CFS DeltaStuds and MegaJoists. Made with the same geometric profile as conventional "C" studs and joists however, the state of the art profiles with web stiffeners and punch outs provide unparalleled structural performance, reduced weight, fire resistance with 1 or 2 hour ratings, superior sound ratings, and unmatched thermal performance compared to all profiles. The open web design provides built-in paths for installing conduit, plumbing and small HVAC duct.

Delta Composite Studs developed for architectural precast, site cast or tilt wall steel framed/concrete interior or exterior structural load bearing or curtain wall composite panels with all the thermal benefits of the Delta product line. (Improving R Values by 37% over solid c profiles) This lightweight concrete cladding panel system will reduce foundations, superstructure cost and installation time by 50%. Composite panels made from standard components with unlimited design capabilities. Earthquake, Blast and Hurricane Resistant, self-insulating as well as excellent sound absorbing qualities creates a LEED accredited system.

Ultra-Bond Long Span Composite Floor Deck System profile design technology delivers long span composite floor systems for light gauge steel, concrete, masonry, ICF and structural steel framed buildings. Ultrabond offers long clear spans, heavy loads and a shallow but solid and stable floor system. Ultra-Bond deck pans are easy to handle and install, pans can be supplied pre-cut or quickly cut on site to fit challenging floor plans inexpensive & creates a thin, highly effective composite floor capable of spans up to 30 feet and provides a superior fast track solution to the construction industry.